Jewellery Care


For all my Tutti Fruitti jewellery, I use 100% cotton and high quality polyester yarns for the stitch and crochet details. The cord is a Chinese knotting cord and each piece is tied with a hand brushed acrylic bead. The inside of your Tutti Fruitti jewellery is made from luxury merino felt, which is what makes them so tactile and squidgy!

All works in my shop describe the material I have used, please read this information carefully before ordering.

My silver items in the shop are un-hallmarked as they are under the 7.78g requirements.You can read more about hallmarking here. I love the tradition of Hallmarking but don’t like to pass on the extra costs to my customers!

Caring for your jewellery

For any textile works you should avoid getting them wet, never wear them in the shower! You should also avoid spilling food or general dirt on the textiles, if you do treat them as you would a special piece of clothing by very carefully cleaning in warm water, or taking them to a professional dry cleaner. Any cleaning can alter the surfaces or dry unevenly, so please be careful if you choose to clean them. Never put them in a washing machine or immerse in hot water as the inside filling is merino wool and may shrink.

For works that include both silver and other materials do not use silver dip or it will damage your jewellery. Exclusivity silver pieces can be cleaned very well with hot water and a little detergent, leave to soak for 30 mins and if you wish you can clean any stubborn areas with a soft tooth brush.

Repairs and maintenance

If you find your jewellery gets damaged or they wear over time, I do offer a mending service. This is charged at a reasonable rate with the customer covering postage. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.